jeudi 1 juillet 2010

Spain already Champion !!!

Spain: regions play a big role for the EU Ecolabel Top
Spain is different from the majority of European countries, being divided in seventeen autonomous regions (Comunidades Autónomas) composed of one or more provinces. The State transfers to each of those regions a wide range of responsibilities, including environmental competences. This explains the existence of six Spanish EU Ecolabel competent bodies instead of one. This specificity offers an opportunity to see how regions can help promote the EU Ecolabel and provide guidance to potential applicants.
In the case of the Valencia region, composed of three provinces (Valencia, Alicante and Castellón), local level operation makes it easier to communicate and to develop EU Ecolabel activities in close cooperation with companies. Among others, a great example of these activities is the practical EU Ecolabel workshop organised by the Clean Technologies Centre (CTL) of the Environment, Water, Town Planning and Housing Department of the Valencia Government on March 3rd 2010, focusing on regional tourist accommodation services.

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